Wedding Giveaway...
Win your Dream Wedding

Hey Brides & Grooms...

If you're anything like me, you've been planning and thinking about your dream wedding since you were little.  Everything from the perfect venue, to what flowers to carry down the aisle has been thought of, but the only thing missing is how to get the funds to pay for all of it!!  

But I bet you never thought you could WIN a wedding.  Well lovebirds, Darlafoxx has come to the rescue with a Wedding Giveaway.  One lucky winner will have the opportunity of winning their dream wedding; with finances now taken care of, you can go back to worrying about the one thing that truly matters about a wedding: the person you get to spend the rest of your life with!

DO something about it and enter our Wedding Giveaway today! You can have the beautiful wedding you’ve always wanted. So remember to enter today and YOU could win a wedding from Darlafoxx!

Everything from the wedding gown, down to the wedding cake, and everything in between will be taken care of! Every bride knows that even though you only wear it once, finding the right dress is a bride’s most important duty for her big day. How cool would it be to win a wedding from Darlafoxx!

Nominate and vote for your favorite soon-to-be married couple. The couple with the most votes will win their dream wedding from Darlafoxx. Nominated couples will need to contact Darlene James 216.299.2427 for more details and to determine if they meet criteria.

Submit a picture of you and your partner which will be posted via Facebook on the Darlafoxx Facebook page. Have all your friends and family like and follow the Darlafoxx Facebook page and vote for you via comments under your dedicated post. The most votes will win their dream wedding!!  Only one vote per person.

In the event of a tie-those couples will be showcased in a separate vote for one day only on August 2nd and the couple with the most votes by 11:59p on August 2nd will be named the winner!!

Official NOMINATIONS will start 6.1.17 with the final nomination accepted on 11:59p 6.30.17.  All nominations will need to like and follow the Darlafoxx Facebook page and sent nominations via email thedarlafoxxproject@gmail.com or Facebook or in person at Darlafoxx located at 662 Broadway Avenue, Bedford, Ohio.

Official VOTING will commence 7.1.17 until 11:59p  7.31.17.  Any votes will first need to like and follow the Darlafoxx Facebook page.